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Entering Rooms of Life (A Poem by Simone McLeod)



So inviting your house Holy Father To my unsheltered tested heart Eyes grown much too accustomed To overlooking blanketed misery

As the feet of my anguished soul Entered through promising doors Weary empty eyes envisioned The seduction of a lovers' feast

A child’s curiosity adventured Revealing the masks hiding truth The first few doors that swung open Those like me don't deserve

Like an endless storm raging fast Tearing through my weak protection I look past all my hurt generations Shamed hands by your jealous greed

The last room is where I found love Empathy embraced my memories Pride replaced the rape of pity I look back with forgiving tears

To your house there is an exit Where spirits once again find the sun To sleep after running your gauntlet On the breast of our true mother...

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