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Love Stories from the Land of Many Lakes, part 19: Yellow Star Woman's Dream Vision

Manidoo-Giizisoons (Little Spirit Moon), December 1, 2022




A magic dream vision tale about love and separation. Two beings , living apart, one from the earth and the other from the sky. Shone upon by the light of the Universe, their sacred union reflected by the glow of the stars above, their love is distant yet remains strong...

Boozhoo! Biindigen miinawaa nindaadizooke wigamigong; enji-zaagi'iding miinawaa gikendaasong. Ningad-aadizooke noongom giizhigad! Hello! Welcome back in my Storytelling Lodge where there is love and learning. Let’s tell a zaagi'idiwin aadizookaan (sacred love story) today!

This blog tale is another episode, the 19th already in a series named “Love Stories from the Land of Many Lakes.” The series features love tales and teaching stories that encompass the unique worldview and cultural perspective of the Anishinaabeg Peoples.

The story I will tell you today is a semi autobiographic narrative, braided with strands of traditional Ojibwe story elements and personal dream vision experience, about a starry-eyed woman from Bkejwanong, the Land where the Waters Divide. Her name is Ozaawi'anang (Yellow Star)...


Illustration: Nookomis Dibewagendamowin ("Moon's Reflection") - © 2022 Zhaawano Giizhik

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