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Stories and Teachings from the Earth, part 10: Mother Earth's Rattle

Gashkadino-giizis/Baashkaakodin-giizis (Freezing Moon), November 5, 2022



Amid all the craziness no one asks Mother Earth anything any more. That is a mistake.

Only she understands timelessness, only she lives by truths that exceed the hollow and petty issues of the day. So she smiles and shakes her zhiishiigwan, sometimes gently, other times fiercely, and keeps doing what she's always done: give birth, nourish, breathe, changes dress four times during her orbit, adapt, re-adjust. The sound of her zhiishiigwan will be still around, long after today's clamor has disappeared into oblivion.

Maybe we, as her children, should be silent, take a deep breath, stop what we are doing, and listen to her more.


Illustration: Omizakamigokwe ("Mother Earth"), art wall print ©2022 Zhaawano Giizhik Visit the webshop to view details of the print.

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