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Teachings from the Tree of Life, part 20: Look for the Fire Within

Updated: Jan 12

Manidoo-Giizisoons (Little Spirit Moon) (December 31, 2023)


Miziweshkode (Cosmic Fire) painting by Zhaawano Giizhik



Now that we are at the tail end of 2023 and at the beginning of a new year, I thought I'd share with you my 2 cents. Sat down and mused for a while, how was it for me personally?

Well I tell you, it wasn't easy, I think I've had better years. There are certain (financially related) things that press down on me, things that I haven't been able to fix yet. But! Because of these certain recurring things, I had no choice but to set sail for new horizons.

So, I explored the galaxy and went straight for the hole in the sky, and beyond! I let go of negativity, doubts & fear, opened my heart & mind and allowed it to be filled with miziweshkode - the fire of faraway stars.

But then, as I was exploring what is out there for me, something hit me. A realization.

I realized that this fire - I call it cosmic fire - lives not only out there, in society or in the Galaxy if you will, but inside of us as well. All we have to do is recognize it and do something with it.

Set yourself a goal and keep working toward it.

Wishing all of you lots of that miziweshkode in the new year!


Illustration: Miziweshkode ("Cosmic Fire") -2023 Click here for information about how to order a photo print or canvas print of the above painting.

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