Native Woodland Art wall print by Zhaawano Giizhik.


The print is an unframed, digitized photo print of a pen and ink drawing. Prices include shipping. Delivery time from the moment of payment is 2-3 weeks. Delivery times depend on your local postal service and may vary.


Title: Spirit of the Little Boy Drum

Color: Color on white background

Finish: Glossy

Sizes: 23,622 x 23,622 in (60 x 60 cm)

Prices: 111.00 USD* / 143.00 CAD* / 105,00 EUR*

Item number: SLBD60-60-60 (23,622 x 23,622 in)


The print can also be ordered in several other sizes. To discuss the options and possibilities, simply get in touch through the order form.


*NB: Please note the following: The ordered products will only be sent after your payment has been confirmed and checked by us.Pour venir en France: une impression, 60x60 cm, coûte 88 Euro (port compris). Cette impression est vendue sans passe-partout et sans cadre.> Back to the New Fisher Star Creations website

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