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Native American-inspired storytelling wedding and engagement rings 

Unique wedding ring and engagement ring designs based on the Seven Anishinaabe Grandfather Teachings

Boozhoo, biindigen, hello and welcome! Each wedding ring set or jewelry piece that you find on this page is an original work of art, designed and crafted by hand in our studio with much love, imaginiation, and care. Click on the below images to enter the menus of your choice.

Gold & silver wedding jewelry as elegant expressions of Ojibwe Anishinaabe spirit

Our wedding rings and engagement rings are essentially storytelling mediums. The rings are handmade and reflect a myriad of teachings, dreams, and visions as they blend a proud Ojibwe Anishinaabe/First Nations heritage with the original artistry and long-practiced craftsmanship of the maker, Woodland Art jeweler-storyteller Zhaawano Giizhik. Click here to read about the Teachings that form the base of the wedding jewelry lines that you see on this page. Click here to see our clan wedding rings and clan jewelry.

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