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Teachings of the Eagle Feather, Part 31: Flight of the Thunderbird Sky Dreamer

Namebini-giizis (Suckerfish Moon)/Makwa-giizis (Bear Moon), February 4, 2022


Boozhoo, biindigen! Welcome back in my Storytelling Lodge, where there is love and learning.

Today, I am pleased to present part 31 of a blog series connecting my jewelry and graphic art as well as artwork by kindred artists with the Seven Grandfather teachings of the Ojibwe Anishinaabe People. These Grandfather Teachings, kept safe for thousands of years by countless generations of Medicine People of the Anishinaabe Peoples, are passed down orally and from the sacred birch bark scrolls that still exist today.

Today’s blog story is woven around, among other things, an illustration (digitized pen and ink on paper drawing). The illustration, titled "Spirit Flight," is presented here as a special tribute to a friend of mine who is originally from Manitoba. My friend’s traditional name is Makade Migizi, or Black Eagle; his clan is Binesi (Thunderbird). He is a traditional dancer and a musician, a man of many gifts and talents. He recently told me a touching story about his teacher, a road man in the Midewiwin Initiation Lodge who recently crossed over to the spirit world. This Anishinaabe Elder from Ontario was a remarkable man; besides being my friend’s spiritual guide he was many things to many people. A father and a grandfather, a teacher and a name-giver, a sun dancer and a rain dancer, a water drum carrier and pipe carrier and eagle staff carrier, and much more.

To my mourning Manitoba friend, and the remarkable story that he shared with me about his recent loss, I dedicate the pen and ink drawing titled “Spirit Flight.”

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