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Teachings of the Eagle Feather, part 38: A Song for Moses

Namebini-giizis/Makwa-giizis (Suckerfish Moon/Bear Moon )- February 21, 2023




Gigiizhigongimaani nanaandowadaan Endazhi dani-dabayaan Migizi miigwan giga Mizhinawa-eg Gizazaagiwichigan w'da bimise Ginandagoog binesiwag Gigikinoowizhigoog binesiwag GICH-MANIDOO gizhewaadizi niikaan.

I address my voice to the skies While I sit here The eagle feather will be your Messenger Your sacred charm will take flight The Thunderbirds hear you The Thunderbirds guide you The GREAT SPIRIT is generous with you my brother.


Moses Amik 1960 - 2017


Illustrations from top to bottom:

"Gift of the Thunderbirds" - Visit the website to see details.

"Moses" - Watercolor painting after a photo.

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